What can CREATE do for you?


Re-Use - Repair - Recycle

CREATE is a social enterprise based in Speke Liverpool. CREATE was formed in 1995 and has four broad aims:

  1. Environmental
    1. Source and remove used white goods (washers, cookers, refrigeration etc) from the waste stream
    2. Select appliances suitable for reuse
    3. Appropriately recycle the appliances that cannot be reused
  2. Social
    1. Professionally refurbish reusable appliances
    2. Sell the refurbished appliances to the local community through our charity shops and other outlets
    3. Provide delivery or click and collect
    4. Provide a free 6 month warranty with the appliances backed up by our service teams
  3. Employment
    1. Provide work experience, training and employment opportunities for the long term unemployed and those disadvantaged in our communities
  4. Financial Viability
    1. Operate a viable Social Enterprise (business operation) to avoid reliance on funding, to protect jobs and the environment

CREATE has a wealth of experience and is successful in meeting its aims through regular contracts and trading activities.

CREATE’s successes include:

  1. Environmental
    1. Contracts with:
      • Councils
      • Waste management companies
      • Retailers
      • Housing Associations
      • Student accommodation providers
    • CREATE handles approximately 4000 used appliances per month
      • CREATE refurbishes approximately 5-10% of these appliances
      • The remaining 90-95% are taken to appropriate recycling facilities where hazardous substances are removed safely and other materials are extracted for reuse
      • NO scrapped appliances are sent for export to the third world or elsewhere
  1. Social
    1. 2 Charity shops
      • The Viscount Centre Speke
      • Belle Vale Shopping centre
    2. Refurbished goods are sold at affordable prices to assist low income households
    3. All appliances are backed by a 6 month warranty which can be extended
    4. Appliances can also be bought through our website
  1. Employment
    1. CREATE presently employs 14 staff and has 4 volunteers (our senior staff have worked for CREATE since 2005)
    2. All staff were previously unemployed and joined us via short term paid work contracts and have since become valuable permanent employees
    3. CREATE works with local employment organisations and funders to provide further paid work opportunities to local unemployed individuals
  1. Financial Viability
    1. CREATE is overseen by its trustees who ensure that CREATE:
      • Meets its charitable aims
      • Is financially viable
    2. Any surplus from trading activities is reinvested into the charity to help it develop and grow
    3. CREATE also attracts funding to assist with its core activities and to develop further opportunities in meeting its charitable aims
    4. CREATE continues to develop, grow and diversify its business across the northwest to ensure continued provision of this excellent service


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