Wastecare Speke collects and receives refrigeration, washers, cookers, dryers, TV’s and other large household appliances from the various types of organisations listed below. We collect or receive ALL end of life white goods appliances from our customers. The appliances will the either be refurbished or safely and appropriately recycled.

Appliances that are suitable for refurbishment are removed from the waste stream to be professionally refurbished in our Speke warehouse.

Refurbished appliances are sold online or to traders providing a low cost alternative to brand new goods.

Scrap refrigeration is taken to licenced refrigeration disposal sites across the UK through our transport operations and all other unrepairable white goods are also appropriately recycled.


Wastecare Speke works with many different types of organisations including

Housing Associations

Housing associations are a great source of products suitable for refurbishment or recycling. Most Housing Associations are required to maintain properties and are regularly replacing white goods as part of their scheduled upkeep

Student accommodation

Student accommodation is regularly upgraded by landlords and universities providing a good source of products


Retail companies that collect used appliances from their customers can contract with Wastecare to reuse or recycle end of life white goods

Producer Compliance Schemes (PCS)

Producer Compliance Schemes act on behalf of producers of electrical and electronic equipment (EEE) to ensure those producers meet their obligations to dispose of waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE).

Wastecare collects and transports the WEEE to Approved Authorise Treatment Facilities (AATF’s) who provide them with the evidence required to meet those obligations.


Wastecare works with charities to help them clear any end of life white goods that they may either collect or receive in the course of their charitable work.

If you require any information regarding the work of Wastecare or wish to request a quote for services, please contact us on 0151 485 7054